4 January 2020

Clean-up day

Annual clean-up day on the 21st of March All volunteers are invited but everyone who wants to give a helping hand is wholeheartedly welcome. ... Read more
9 March 2020

New in the museum – Cadillac

A new exhibit in our museum is a Cadillac of a mayor from Haarlem from 1820. Thus, this car has its own special story. ... Read more
15 January 2020

A look under the bonnet

If you are very interested in a specific car or model, then it is possible to have a look under the bonnet under the supervision of one of our volunteers who should be present at that moment. ... Read more
12 December 2019

A recap of 2019

We have had a really good season. Many enthusiastic visitors and large groups of people came by. Many tours of various car brands stopped by our museum. ... Read more
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