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Rover P4 100 1962

The Rover 90 and Rover 105 were replaced by the stronger 100 which was announced on October 24th 1959. The new but comparable 2,6 litre (160 cu in) IOE straight-6-engine was a shorter stroke version of the P5 3-litre-unit. The 100 can reach a speed of 161 km/h. The interior was luxurious, with wood and leather accents on traditional English car elements such as a bent “Sheperds Crook” hand brake lever. A front seat bench or individual front seats can be ordered. A heater was part of the standard fitting. Like the smaller 80-version, the 100 was equipped with servo controlled Girling disc brakes at the front, wherefore drum brakes remained in the back. Overdrive, only at the highest acceleration, was a standard assembly.

The production ended in 1962, until then 16.521 were produced.

The motor magazine that tested the 100 in 1960 recorded a top speed of 92,1 miles per hour (148,2 km/h), acceleration from 0-60 miles per hour (97 km/h) in 17,6 seconds and a fuel consumption of an imperial gallon at 23,9 miles per hour (11,8 l/ 100 km; 19,9 mpg – US). The test car was £ 1538 including tax.

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